meet your new personal trainer!!​

hi My name is Paul Bretz and I am the founder and CEO of BretzFitOnline.

I have been a personal trainer, boot camp instructor, and team trainer for several years now where i have helped hundreds of people  achieve their fitness, health, and sports performance goals in accordance with their busy lifestyle.

and here's a free secret...  it doesn't take hours in the gym and hours meal prepping to accomplish these!

I have 2 jobs I do for my clients: 

1. set up a simple manageable workout program, to break down their body/muscles and speed up their metabolism to burn fat. 

Then create a nutrition program, CONDUCIVE TO their lifestyle, to feed their body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild their muscles, in accordance with their goals to get them the body, fitness, health and sports performance they are after.

2. give constant support and guidance needed during the whole process keeping them on task and motivated toward seeing results and achieving their goals.

This is my passion helping people improve their fitness, health, and life and I can and will do it for you!! goto my services page right now and find out how!!