KEN laber

Alec Hite


My goal was to strengthen my muscles in upper and lower body and legs. I found this help with Paul Bretz, my personal trainer.  Paul has been most helpful in that he designs programs specifically for my condition (lower back problem) and works with me in each session. I find this program to be unique in that he watches me carefully and points out when I am not doing an exercise correctly. I like this program in particular, because Paul takes a personal interest in me. and seeks to improve my body where it needs it. This program has been most helpful in dealing with my pain and keeping in good physical condition. I heartily recommend this program to others especially seniors. It is important to keep in the best physical condition as senior citizens. I am living proof of this, and Paul has helped me to be the best that I can be. Try Paul's program, I believe you will like it.  

I came to Paul right after I had a girl tell me that I was too big to get a cup of coffee with and catch up on life. so with in 2 and a half months of following his nutrition plan and exercise routine I dropped almost 60 lbs. from there I started to build muscle and feel great. I would definitely recommend  paul to anyone. If you have any questions about his programs just ask him and he will explain things thoroughly and in a manner which makes sense.


I got to know Paul through my dad a little over a year ago. It was right after my district golf championship, which I didn't advance through. I guess my dad decided that my 245 yard drives weren't going to cut it anymore, so he introduced me to Paul and he set up a program. My goals for Paul were to get stronger and look better, but without getting bulky, so it wouldn't affect my swing. What was so great about his program was how flexible Paul was with the work outs. During the winter months basketball would interfere a lot with my gym time, but somehow we managed to rarely ever miss one during the week. Towards the end of April I kind of outgrew Paul's home gym, so he moved me to another gym with more weight and more machines. Then he moved me into his online program which was great! To this day I haven't encountered a problem with the app or program. What is nice about the online program is that you can still communicate with Paul about the workouts. Once track season and school was over golf really started to pick up, and then I noticed some big differences. I hit the ball way father, and my swing was much more in control. I also noticed differences in with my body, which was much more toned. All of this happened, even with my horrendous eating habits. Now that I am starting to eat better, the results are amazing. Not to mention Paul is a great guy to be around and is super professional about everything but has  a good sense of humor. So what has working out with Paul for a year done for me? Well, last year, I hit the ball 245 off the tee, I was not ranked on any rankings, and I didn't even advance to the western regional. Now, I hit the ball 290-300, I am ranked as a top 10 sophomore in Pennsylvania, and just played in the state championship medaling at 10th in the state. Talk about progress!